Humorous Paintings

One of my favourite things to paint and draw is humorous pieces. It allows me to tap into the punny side of myself. Below are characters from my “Kitchen Utensils” series.

Saltz and Pfeffer strike again
Utensil Talk
Kitchen catastrophe

2 thoughts on “Humorous Paintings

  1. Hi Sharolyn,

    I teach creative writing to adults in Wilmington, NC at the Cameron Art Museum

    I came across your wonderful art work and my students used your “Saltz and Pfeffer” and “Black Lab…” as prompts for an ekphrastic poetry assignment. We got some hysterical responses!

    First, I want to ask your permission to post to my social media the images and accompanying poems. I would also like to embed a link to your website and social media and ask for you to share with your contacts, as well!

    1. Hi Dina, quite frankly I am delighted that you discovered my work and used it as inspiration. I am so often inspired in my art and writing by others, but never expect that my work might inspire someone elses. Neat that only a few years ago I was part of a group of artists that organized and participated in an event at our local art center called “Ekphrasis” where artists were paired with other artists of all different mediums and produced paintings, poetry, pottery, photography, you name it, for the event.
      So I am, as I said, delighted and would LOVE to see the work that was created! Yes, please share, and keep me in the loop! I will definitely share with my contacts as well!


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