My First Blog Ever…What am I doing?!?

So last night I attended a 2 Hour Workshop titled “The Business Side of Art”at the Upper Valley Campus in St. Helena. Carolynne Gamble, the lovely lady who ran the workshop, basically lit a fire under our artists’ behinds to go ahead and start thinking about marketing and getting our name out there. This is something that doesn’t necessarily come easily to us artist types. Though I’m proud to say that I DO have a website:, that is where I’ve stopped. No facebook page for my business just yet, and no blog….which is what was suggested we try out.

Now, I’ve always loved writing, and I like to see it in print, and I like to share it with family and friends via letters, but I’ve never actually considered a blog. Mainly because a blog requires frequent updates…and while I can be rather enthusiastic and gung-ho about starting creative endeavours…I am also fickle; my attention can be diverted else-where. SO, I guess this is an experiment to see whether blogging can and will hold my attention.

And now, reading through the helpful hints on how to get started it suggests that we find a focus. HA! A focus. From a gal who doesn’t know what form of art she prefers, not just the medium but the subject as well.

And so I guess this blog will be….about finding focus. About finding focus for the direction of my art; about focusing on the business side of art and trying to make it a viable career.  Because, gosh knows it isn’t enough to just create with wild abandon…one needs the funds to lay the groundwork for such a freedom as that.

So without further ado…let me share with you the work I’m currently producing…my pet portraiture:

This is one of my most recent works and the largest I've ever painted

This is a painting currently showing at the West America Bank in Calistoga, CA. My first ever show…pretty proud I must say.

I’ll share a few more in the days to come.

For now, this newbie blogger is out.


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