Keep It Simple Genius: Part II

As I mentioned in my previous post “Keep It Simple Genius” part I, I  rely on a  crock-pot to keep the domestic aspects of our life as simple & blissful as possible. It is truly a wonderful machine. Full disclosure: one of the reasons this works so well is that my husband is an awesome sous chef. He has no problem peeling and chopping potatoes and carrots and all that good stuff. So, if you have a crock pot and an awesome in-house sous chef, then you’re good to go. If the sous chef is lacking, it’s really not that complicated, just chop up a bunch of veggies you think would do well slow cooking. I like to turn up the music and do some chopping. 15 minutes or less and you’re prepped. WARNING: if you’re thinking of using broccoli, please skip that. Under slow cooking conditions, broccoli becomes a stink bomb. Just take my word on that. I was the guinea pig, learn from my mistakes!

Good things to put into crock pots:








I like to have the cutting and chopping prepped, in the pot, and then stored in the fridge until it’s time to start the cooking process. Then, about 6 hours before you want to consume the food, turn the cooker on “low” and then set for 6 hours. This seems to be the magic time for all meats. By the end of 6 hours the meat falls off the bone. It also works great for chili or soup.

Like I’d mentioned, I used to think that cooking this easy must be cheating on some level. I’m over that now. It’s not like I’m popping a plastic, prepackaged plate of questionable food into a microwave. All the ingredients are good and wholesome. What you put in to flavour it is up to you. I stick to salt, pepper, some garlic powder and occasionally soy sauce ( I have a hard time overriding my Asian roots). Herbs and spices need to be added later as the slow cooking process tends to kill their effect on the flavour.


You can find all sorts of deals on crock-pots so don’t go dropping a lot of hard-earned money on the first one you see. We got our crock pot on-line for $40. I highly recommend adding this to your kitchen arsenal.

Cheers friends and stay creative!


2 thoughts on “Keep It Simple Genius: Part II

  1. I love crockpots, too! Two things I found helpful but didn’t know when I started: 1) Grease or spray the crockpot for easy cleanup. My friend uses those liners, so those may be helpful, too, but I do just fine with a spray of Pam. 2) Unless you want soup, don’t add much liquid. Adding water dilutes the flavors, and usually the food you put in there contains enough moisture, since none of it is lost in the cooking process.

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