When Inspiration is Hard to Find

I was just called by a dear friend who asked me the question “where do you get your inspiration?”

Good question. Damn good question.

The interesting thing is that the question arose from her observations of me as being full of the stuff. I write, I draw, I paint and photograph, cook and knit. But from my perspective, it is a daily struggle to stay inspired and to feel like I can truly call myself an artist.

The problem is comparison. It was an eye opener to realize that people viewing what I do might think that I have no problem in the creativity department. I constantly look around me and see OTHER PEOPLE doing AMAZING things that I NEVER THOUGHT OF.

Between the painting sessions and the knit fests, there seems to be eons of time wherein I am a creative void. Somehow the act of creating when it does occur is never enough. If I don’t eat and sleep art-making, then I am a fraud, not a true artist.

I’ve been working really hard on this, through the “Artist’s Way” and other avenues of my own creation.

Folks, it really comes down to this: What brings YOU joy?

Staying up all hours of the night forcing myself to paint does not bring me joy. Sleep does. And ideas come to me in the space between sleep and waking. That’s the truth and I need to remind myself of that.

Joy is dabbling in all sorts of different mediums, when I feel like it. I know I feel like it when I am compelled from my seat to start that project. And when I am done, and feel the urge to step back, I need to do that. Joy is in loving the process, not forcing it.

And joy is in finding inspiration in other people’s artwork – not comparing and wondering if they have more mastery that I do. Simply look, absorb and allow yourself the freedom to consider trying a few ideas that the work inspires in you.

Here are some people who inspire me:






So I thank my buddy for the inspiration for this post and hope that she finds a pathway into her own creative energies.

Stay creative and find your joy!


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