Ode to Dad





It took me years to realize that much of what I did, the decisions I made, were because I wanted dad to be proud of me.

This surprised me when the realization struck. For most of my childhood dad was more of a background figure. He supported mom in her child rearing ideas and he was at work a lot trying to put my sister and I through Waldorf school.

In many ways he was a mystery to me. Our communication was something that developed a lot slower and grew as I got older.

I now I see that I am so very much like him in many ways.

It’s amazing how that happens. Somehow it’s in the DNA.







I’m so amazed by my dad. He’s shown me through the various stages of his life, through health and then sickness and back, how very strong he is. He’s shown me that it’s never too late to pick up a guitar and learn it, sing in public, start something new and creative, find spirituality, and open your heart.

I’ve been blessed to have a father who has always been here for us, our rock whether he knew himself to be that or not.


I love you dad.











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