At the Farmer’s Market

Forward momentum. That’s what I’m all about these days. After an inspiring visit to Canada to see my sister doing her Farmer’s Market and other shows, I wanted to get started in my neck of the woods. I enquired about the local Farmer’s Market but didn’t hear back, didn’t hear back…and then suddenly an email on Friday asking if I could set up on Saturday!!

Well, I couldn’t say no, but I was also nervous about “yes” because I wasn’t prepared. But, I went for it. Luckily I could borrow a tent last-minute from my husband’s place of work, and a few tables from my mother in-law. It was hasty, but it worked out in the end:

My rushed set-up. Not spectacular, but it did the job

I’ve now committed to the market every Saturday until the end of the season. That’s 12 shows total. I’m not sure it makes the most sense monetarily, but I am looking at it as excellent promotion. How is anyone supposed to know I exist if I don’t get out there? The wonderful thing is that, after only being here for a few years, I already know quite a few people in the community and they are quite supportive. It seems I have a lot of interest from tourists and locals alike with my pet portraits.

I’m selling pet portrait commissions along with small items such as prints, cards, small hand made ceramic charms and hand drawn magnets such as these:

Hand made, one of kind magnets

As well as cards, which I’ve posted before, either here on this blog or at my sister blog: where my sister and I share all things creative.

Yesterday I showed up at Costco, ready to buy a tent with walls, only to discover that “summer is over”, at least, according to retail land. So, I was a bit flustered having no back-up plan. But after a quick consult with my very capable and steady sister-in-law, and the help of her smart phone ( I need one of those BAD!) we were able to locate a shade canopy, not exactly the style I wanted, but available at Friedman’s. At that point, I would have bought anything at any cost because I just wanted to get a damn tent for this upcoming Farmer’s Market. Luckily I was in luck, because though the tent didn’t have walls, it happened to be on sale, so instead of $100 it was $89. Sold! What a relief.

I’m not totally where I want to be in terms of the perfect, most simple and light market set-up, but I’m getting there. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “At the Farmer’s Market

  1. Sounds like you’re making all the right moves. It’s very important to get your image out there on a regular basis so that more people become interested in seeing what you’ve been creating lately and word of mouth is so important. Hopefully this might also lead to local newspaper stories about your work. Having a number of those small items available is also important. Most artists refer to those types of items as their “bread and butter” item. Most people when they come to view shows like yours really do want to buy something but it’s always hard for them to spring for the higher priced works. They far more readily will buy one of your little items and that sort of opens the door and their minds to the idea of purchasing/ commissioning a larger work from you in the future. Develop an effective, sturdy display space is also very important. Do you have access to a truck to move it around? If not you’ll no doubt need to get some good quality carrier for the top of you r car. I used to like using those 4X8 ft white plastic coated peg board sheets to create the walls. They could be reinforced and hinged to create sturdy walls and the peg board of course was ideal for hanging pictures in any arrangement.

    Loved being able to see you during your brief visit up here but I’m sure you’re happy to be back with your San Francisco family and friends. Still haven’t set up a wordpress blog yet but promise to get on to it soon 🙂

    Your friend,

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