Currently on Display!

Hey Folks,

I had the fortune of being contacted by the manager at the Napa Valley Roasting Company in St. Helena to see if I had any pieces I could display there. This was excellent timing as two of my biggest paintings had just come down from a 3 month show at the West America Bank in Calistoga.  Seeing as our apartment cannot handle my art storage needs, this was very fortuitous.

Here are the pieces:

Do Not Feed


And here are the pieces in situ:

I’m jazzed to have another chance to show my work. Also, they will have another section of the wall available for more of my pieces come mid July.

I said this blog is about process. This is my slow and eking process towards getting my work shown. Baby steps.

Now to line up a few more willing venues so that I never have to worry about storage issues!


Over and out.



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