More on Display

As I mentioned in my last blog, more room on the Napa Valley Coffee Roasting Co.’s walls was due to open up mid-July; and sure enough I got the email asking whether I had more art to display. Of course I said “yes!” As part of my slow crawl towards making a viable business of my art, I’ve vowed to say “yes” to most things that come my way…I say ‘most’ because I don’t want to be stupid and walk into just anything. I will say yes provided I foresee no horrible trials or outcomes.

So here are the rest of the paintings I put on display. Unfortunately I didn’t have my good camera on me so if you want to see a detailed view of one of the pieces you will need to go to my website:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


My studio is now empty. What a great time to start producing a bit more.

I’m currently working on a commission, a cat portrait. Stay tuned as I plan on uploading pics of the process soon.


Over and out.



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