When uninspired do something else

So, recently I’ve lost my motivation to pick up my paint brush. This seems to happen to me on and off. I’m not sure what triggers it and I’m not entirely sure how to get out of the funk. However, creativity in any form is a good thing so now I’ve taken to dabbling in something entirely new. I’ve been taking a ceramics class for the past little while, hand building cups and bowls and odd things here and there. Recently I’d run out of clay and was just playing around with the scraps when I started to form a small figure that nestled in its own housing. There was no pre-planning, just going with the feel of the clay. Below are the three figures that I’ve completed fully. I have others in the works that have yet to be fired and/or glazed. I’m not sure what these characters are, just that they give me a great deal of satisfaction. Somehow they appeal the rock collector/miniature collector in me. They are meant to be held in the hand and played with. I’ve taken to calling them my “nut figures”. Would love to hear some feedback on them. I think my husband just thinks I’m the “nut”.

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