Climbing Back on the Wagon

So, looking back at my last post, I realize how very badly I’ve dropped the ball on blogging.

Like I said at the start, all of this is a process. Once the shine of something new wears off, you have to dig a little deeper and find a different motivation, something stronger and more resilient.

While I may have fallen off the wagon on the posting front, I haven’t fully fallen off the wagon on the creative front. From October to December I was working with the the book “the Artist’s Way”by Julia Cameron; a most excellent book that has been around for ages. My mom always had one or two copies around the house when I was growing up. I had never been ready to do all the exercises it asks you to do…until I was. It was super inspiring and set me back with more focus on the path of creativity.

But life does get in the way, doubts get in the way. That’s were the resilience comes in. The strength to go through the doubt and keep going. On that front I am still learning. I start and I stop. I believe and then I  doubt and back again. Part of the Artist’s Way is to renew your commitment to creativity for another 90 days at the end of the book. It asks you to find a buddy, someone to check in with to hold you accountable, to make sure you are still creating. I chose my sister. Who better? She’s the reason I always wanted to do art in the first place. This checking in on a weekly basis has proved to be mutually beneficial- she is being inspired to create as well.

Please see her work at:

Truly inspiring stuff.

It’s so helpful to be around creative people. Another such inspirer (I know, not a word!) is my dad. This Christmas dad showed us a bounty of wood turnings he had made. Truly inspiring as well 

He just takes the time, on a regular basis, to get out to his shop and create. I can learn from him!

To my joy, I got into a show hosted by the SPCA through MesArt.

5 of my pet portraits are on display, right now in San Francisco! Check out the link:

The show is called Unconditional Love. It’s up until May.

I’ve not been as prolific as I know I can be. I would love to find the motivation to be creating on a daily basis. That is my goal. Still, I need to recognize what I am doing. So, that said, I am letting you know that I am inching my way back on to the wagon of creativity and also blogging!

Let me leave you with a few images of some stuff I’ve created in the past couple of months:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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